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Keep Your New Rims Functional and Looking Good

Car repair and maintenance
Purchasing brand new, custom wheel rims is exciting, and they also enhance the look of your car and help your tires support your car’s weight and handling. You'll likely want to preserve your wheel rims’ appearance and functionality for a long time to maintain these benefits. Taking care of your new wheels is not hard once you get into a routine. Here are some tips on how to keep your wheels looking good as well as prevent them from being damaged while on the road.
Keep Wheels Clean
Wheels are available in a variety of styles and metal types, some of which are more easy to maintain, while others require more meticulous attention. Here are some things you can do to keep your wheels clean and looking good.
Have Your Wheels Waxed
Have your wheels waxed before they are installed. However, if that's not possible, wax them properly afterward to still provide protection. Wax helps keep dirt and water from damaging your wheel and makes them easier to clean in the future.
Clean With Non-Abrasive Cleansers
Some wheel materials, such as aluminum and chrome, can be easily scratched with abrasive cleaners. Make sure that you only use cleaners that are specifically made for your wheel's materials.
Use Soft, Tire-Friendly Brushes
Use only a soft wheel brush on the decorative parts of your wheels to prevent scratching and pitting. These specialized brushes are designed to protect your wheels' finish while removing dirt. Use only soft towels to dry your wheels to further reduce the chance of abrasion.
Wash One Wheel at a Time
Only clean one wheel at a time. First, rinse each wheel with a hose, then use your soap solution next. Use your brush to get rid of the rest of the dirt, then rinse, dry, and apply wax if necessary.
Cool Off Wheels Before Washing
If you've been driving around on a hot day, or your car's wheels have been out in the hot sun for a long period, then hold off on washing them until they've cooled down. Otherwise, the soapy water will dry quickly and leave soap residue and stains.
Avoid Wheel Damage
Avoiding road hazards is important so that your wheels maintain their round shape and keep a good seal with your tires. Here are some ways you can minimize damage to your wheels while on the road.
Keep Your Tire Pressure in Range
When you keep your tire pressure at the optimum level, it will help to maintain the shape and bounce of your tires so that your wheels handle bumps better. When tire pressures are low, then there is less protection for your wheel if you hit a serious road hazard.
Stay Clear of Potholes
Though all road hazards can cause potential damage to your car, potholes can be particularly destructive to wheels and tires. If your wheel hits the pothole in just the wrong way, then not only can you scratch or damage your wheel's finish, but you could also distort the wheel so bad that you need a new one.
Avoid Hitting Curbs
Wheels rubbing against curbs not only hurts the sidewalls of your tires, but it can also cause severe scratches and gouges in the wheel. This damage could require extensive repairs or even cause you to need a replacement. You could also invest in a wheel protector to reduce the chance of curb damage.
Maintaining your wheels' appearance and avoiding damage to the rims ensures that they will look and work properly for a long time. If your car's wheels are worn, damaged, or just don't look the way you want and you're looking for new ones, then come on in to Ceja Quality Tire & Wheel for repairs or to check out our selection of wheels.


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