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Going Through Tires Fast? Here Are Reasons Why

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The average healthy set of tires should last up to four years or to 60,000 miles of use. You are going through tires far more frequently, and it seems you are always replacing at least one tire on your vehicle due to worn tread or a flat.

Why are you going through tires so fast? Learn why you are a frequent tire abuser and how to end the cycle and obtain tires that will last as recommended.

Your New Tires Aren't That New

Tires, like nearly everything else that is produced, age with time. This means even if you buy a whole set of brand-new tires that have never been used, you may still be purchasing old tires that wear out tread quickly. Some tires can sit on an auto retailer's shelf for many years before being sold, resulting in the sale of a tire that has poorer quality than a newer counterpart.

Remedy your tire woes by buying only fresh tires from your auto supplier. Before purchasing tires, ask how tires are stored in the facility (tires should be covered and stored in a clean, dry area away from heat). Each tire sold is affixed with a year in which the tire was made; ensure your tire salesman shows you only recent tires for purchase.

You Use Your Brakes - A Lot

The more you brake while on the road, either due to driving too fast or by following other drivers too closely, the more wear you put on your tires (not to mention your brake pads). Your tires will begin to show signs of wear on the inside of the tread, which weakens your car's stability on the road.

Correct this simple problem by driving slower speeds on the freeway and staying in lanes where you are less likely to encounter other motorists. When you do have to brake, gently press down the brake pedal to slowly reach the speeds you desire to reduce the pressure on your tires' tread.

Your Tires Are Inflated Incorrectly

Did you know that you can tell if your tires are inflated correctly simply by looking at each tire head on? A low tire will look concave in its center, while an over-inflated tire will appear bulbous and too rounded on its edges. The perfect inflation for your tires will look nearly squared off on the edges, with a slight outward bow in the center.

Poorly inflated tires will wear out the tread and make driving your car potentially dangerous. Take your vehicle to your tire specialist to have the tires properly inflated for healthy driving and better tire wear.

Your Tires Are Already Worn Out

While you may believe that buying used or like-new tires saves you money, the investment isn't worth it. First of all, a used tire may not come with any kind of warranty from the seller, so if you get a blowout or have immediate tread wear, you don't have any guarantee to provide you a new tire without cost.

Secondly, you have no way of knowing how a used tire was cared for or stored prior to your purchase. In fact, your new-to-you tires may have simply been someone else's spare, tucked under a vehicle for years and exposed to the elements.

Remedy your shopping habit by only buying brand-new tires from a licensed, professional tire dealer. You will be shown several all-weather and seasonal tires that accurately fit your vehicle for safer tires that will last longer.

New tires can make all the difference in allowing your car to be safer on the road. Allow our tire and vehicle experts to assist you in choosing new tires and diagnosing what is causing your car to use tires so frequently. Schedule an appointment by calling Ceja Quality Tire & Wheel today.


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